Real Estate Auction - 709 Acres on Watts Bar Lake
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  Property Overview
Private Wooded Acreage with Over 4 Miles of Shoreline on Watts Bar Lake
  • 710 Acre Site
  • 4.58 Miles of Contiguous Shoreline
  • Main Channel and Cove Shoreline
  • Two Nearby Marinas - Blue Springs Marina – 2-1/2 miles north of the property and Euchee Marina – 2-1/2 miles south of the property
  • Road Access from (3) Roads - Leffew Lane is located near the middle of the property. Indian Shadows Drive is located to the north of the property. Red Cloud Lane is located to the south of the property. Located between Red Cloud Lane and Blue Springs Marina at Mile Marker 542 on Tennessee River
  • (3) Private Coves Known as "Pearl Harbor"
  • Large Wooded Areas
  • Secluded Yet Convenient
  • Incredible Views
  • Recreational Paradise
  • Electricity to the property – Provided by Volunteer Electric Cooperative
  • Utility Water to the property – Provided by Watts Bar Utility District
  • Rights to Apply For Docks and Other Water Facilities – Please review "TVA Dock Information" Below

Utilities Available:
Electric: Overhead power is provided by Volunteer Electric Cooperative and is located down Leffew Lane and along Red Cloud Road at the southern boundary and Indian Shadows Road at the northern boundary. Underground electric is currently being installed from Leffew Lane to the subject property for the benefit of the (12) lots fronting on the newly created private roads. This includes lots 3-13 and 16. Underground service will be available to be extended to each tract owner fronting on the newly created private roads at each tract owner's expense. Underground electrical service is available to be extended from Leffew Lane through the subject property to the Indian Shadows Drive location for a cost of $27,000. VEC will furnish the wire, primary boxes and switches. The cost to extend the underground electrical service to each tract is $3.00 per foot and the new owner’s responsibility will include digging a minimum three (3) ft. ditch, with installation of 2-1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc conduit, long sweep schedule 80 elbows entering and leaving at each primary box and Ό inch rope installed inside conduit for pulling the line at the necessary distance.

The lots on Indian Shadows Road (Lots 1 and 2) and the lots on Red Cloud Road (Lots 14 and 15) already have electrical service located on the road. In order to connect to electric service along these roads, a new owner must pay a minimal bill that is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on length to extend service. Anything over 750 feet will require a $1,404 deposit and cost $2.50 per foot to connect.

For more information, contact Chris McKenzie with Volunteer Electric Cooperative at (423) 334-7003 or

Water - Water is available to the property and provided by Watts Bar Utility District. There are water lines located on Indian Shadows Road at the northern boundary, on Red Cloud Road at the southern boundary and on Leffew Lane. According to Mickey Barger with Watts Bar Utility District, water runs directly in front of lots 1 and 2 on Indian Shadows Drive and lots 14 and 15 on Red Cloud Lane. The tap fee for these tracts is $1,500.

Utility water is available to be extended from Leffew Lane with a 6" line, through the subject property and connect to Indian Shadows Drive for a cost of $104,300. The water line will need to be extended from Leffew Lane and connect to the line at Indian Shadows in order to provide enough pressure to service each of the tracts fronting on the private roads. The tracts that the water line would service would include tracts 3-13 and 16.

For more information, contact Mickey Barger with Watts Bar Utility District at (865) 270-8070 or

Well Water - According to Wayne Rose with Rose's Well Drilling in Sweetwater, TN, water can be found anywhere from 150 feet to 450 feet. At a depth of 300 feet, the cost of installation for well and pump would be approximately $6,000.

For more information, contact Wayne Rose with Rose's Well Drilling at (423) 442-3431.

Sewer - Sewer service is NOT available in the area. Septic systems and drainfields will need to be utilized at this time. We are in the process of gathering quotes from reputable septic companies in the area as well as obtaining soil mapping from Dave McKinney, Soil Scientist. The soil letter is available in the "Auction Documents" of the website. As soon as the septic information is available, we will update our website.

Tax Information:
According to the Meigs County Trustees Office, the current annual county real estate taxes are approximately $1,813.00 for the entire property. The property is currently located within the Greenbelt Program.

To determine the estimated tax amount per tract, the Meigs County Trustees Office will take the purchase price of the tract and assess it at 25%. The current tax rate for Meigs County is $1.8251 per $100 of assessed value. The following is an example if the purchase price is $500,000.

Purchase Price $500,000
Assessment Ratio 25%
Assessment $125,000
Tax Rate $1.8251 per hundred
Estimated Tax $2,281.38

For more information, please feel free to contact the Trustee Office at (423) 334-5119.

Taxes to be pro-rated at closing.

TVA Dock Information:
According to Janet Duffey, Program Manager for Watts Bar Lake, the lots that touch the cove known as "Pearl Harbor" (Lots 6-11) have the rights to apply for water facilities. The final decisions to permit or not would come only after the environmental and programmatic reviews by TVA were completed (Please see the auction document, "TVA Dock Information – Overview" below for an explanation of the reviews). It is possible that a lot that has rights to apply for water facilities may not be approved for anything.

Qualifying lots have the rights to apply for one dock each, spaced a minimum of 50 feet apart from the next closest dock, with a maximum of 1,000 SF to build. All facilities are limited to build less than 1/3 in distance across the cove. Although each lot may only have the rights to apply for one dock permit, additional facilities may be permitted such as launch ramps, water intakes, riprap, etc.

Please familiarize yourself with the provided TVA documents located at the bottom of this page under "Auction Documents".

Janet Duffey may be reached at (865) 632-1301 or by calling TVA's Environmental Information Center at 1-800-882-5263.

According to Kemmy Garrett, Land Use Representative for TVA – Watts Bar Lake, the shoreline located on the main channel from the southwestern tip of Lot 6 up to the area where Indian Shores Road meets the Subject Property is included in the Watts Bar Land Plan. This portion of the property has been found to inhabit endangered plants and, therefore, would be "close to impossible" to obtain a dock permit. However, Mr. Garrett felt that the (3) coves that are located in Pearl Harbor would allow for dock permits to be issued. He stated that a general rule of thumb is TVA will allow for 1,000 square feet of community facility (dock, marina, ramp, etc.) for every 100 linear feet of shoreline.

For more information regarding the Watts Bar Land Plan, please visit the following website:

Kemmy Garrett is a Land Use Representative for TVA. He can be reached at (828) 837-0341.

F.A.R – Forestry, Agricultural, Residential District

This zoning code is defined by the Meigs County Zoning Department as Agricultural. FAR Zoning offers great utility with many uses and has very few restrictions. Property under this zoning is typically utilized for agricultural purposes.

For more information, please contact Ross Wilson, Compliance Coordinator for the Meigs County Planning Commission. (423) 334-2565

ASCS Soil Map
Auction Brochure
Boundary Map
Broker Letter
Declaration of Easement Agreement
Examples of TVA Approved Boat Ramps and Docks
FAR Zoning Regulations
How to Apply for a TVA and USACE Permit for Minor Water Use Facilities
Greenbelt Information
Map of Record
Meigs County Subdivision Regulations
Meigs County Tax Map
Proposed Restrictions
Proposed Order of Sale
Recorded Subdivision Map
Recorded Survey with 750' Contour
Sample Personal Representative's Deed
Soil Letter
Survey With Topography Overlay
Title Commitment
Title Commitment Exceptions
TVA Dock Information - Overview
TVA Joint Application Form
TVA Meeting Notes
TVA Section 26a Permit Application and Processing Fees
TVA Topography Map
TVA Watts Bar Reservoir Land Management Plan
TVA Watts Bar Reservoir Map
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